Tantric massage: what is it and how is it provided at Felina

Tantric massage

Tantric massage… would you like to give it a try? It surely isn’t the first time you are hearing about it. This is one of the most famous erotic massages around the world, and that’s not because of its practice, but rather because of the mysteries and curiosities that have always revolved around it. We invite you to drop by at our massage center to find out what it is about in the company of our erotic masseuses.

To give you an initial idea, the tantric massage is one of the erotic massages that represent the connection between the personal growth of an individual and his sexual pleasure. Therefore, it is considered that if a persona is comfortable, happy and physically very relaxed, he will attain an optimal physical and mental health.

It is for this reason that one resorts to tantric massage. Its set of caresses, massages on different areas of the body and the contact and touch with the genitals make it one of the most pleasurable massages. For a man or a woman to be absolutely relaxed, the erotic masseuses/masseurs will touch the client’s genitalia. On many occasions, this entire thing leads to the orgasm without any need for a penetration.

Would you like to discover more about such erotic massages? Call us and we will advise you about the type of massage that best adapts to you and your needs. If you have already thought about sharing this experience with a specific masseur or masseuse, we will let you know if he/she is available at that point of time.

Types of tantric massages

The female erogenous zones are largely different from the male erogenous zones, due to which the tantric massages are different depending on the gender of the person receiving the massage. If you come alone or with your partner to Felina Massage, we will provide you with one tantric massage or the other depending on whether you are a man or a woman. Do you want to find out which one will it be?


The female tantric massage is called Yoni, which in Hindi means the holy temple. The most important thing to be able to properly perform this massage is being in the most comfortable and relaxed environment so that the woman can connect with herself and her sensuality and get rid of all sorts of prejudices.

The Yoni massage phases are followed by, among other things, the worship of Shakti or greeting, backed up by a warm-up massage by stimulating the erogenous zones and culminating in caresses near the clitoris.


The male tantric massage is called Lingam, which means a wand of light in the Hindi language. This massage, thus, focuses on the sensory stimulation in a first phase through touch, smell or taste so that the passion between the participants starts to intensify.

The masseuse can then perform a massage on the genitalia, starting from the glans and moving across the testicles, scrotum or anus.

The massages at Felina Massage are accompanied by all kinds of details like scents, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax with the Felina guys with a dose of luxury and sensuality provided by an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at info@felinamassage.com or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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