The benefits of massage with happy ending for the heart

Happy ending massage Barcelona

Massage with happy ending in Barcelona

As you know well, there are many ways of taking care of our heart, having a healthy diet and life, avoiding excesses like alcohol and tobacco, being careful about our food, doing exercise… But did you know that there is something more exciting and enjoyable that one can practice, that is if you are yet to do it, for looking after our heart? Having orgasms. Yes, you read it right. But in the best and most relaxed manner: getting an erotic massage with a “happy ending” in Barcelona. We are going to explain the physiological benefits of reaching an orgasm while you are being massaged.

Erotic massage with orgasm, the heart’s ally

It has been written about the many benefits that have reach an orgasm, improves our self-esteem and mood, reduces the levels of stress and anxiety, decreases blood pressure, activates blood circulation even protects us from diseases and infections, helping us to generate antibodies. Also helps us to reduce the chances of have a heart attack if we do regularly, like claims some studies carried out in the Spanish Society of Cardiology, which indicate the men that keep a sexual relation twice a week have the half of probability to suffer a heart attack that those ones that do it once a month.

But not only has benefits in men, also in hers; when the climax is reached different hormones are released, like adrenaline, endorphins and oxytocin (the increase in oxytocin levels in those moments is significantly higher in women than in men), acting as vasodilator, allowing a better blood circulation and avoiding the formation of blood clots; in addition the sensation of well-being and happiness caused by the secretion of these hormones, helps to maintain a good cardiovascular health.

Now you know, dare to periodically oxygenate your body cells and increase your happiness. It is also very likely that you already knew that orgasms are sedatives… how long do you take to fall asleep after one? Moreover, they also act as a natural painkiller since they can relieve headaches and even menstrual pain in girls. And being flirty also improves the skin appearance by giving it a healthy shine and texture. It simply makes you look younger and strengthens your muscles, which will make your body seem more toned. That’s why, every time you get any of our erotic massages, think of it like you are pampering and looking after not just your heart, but also your entire immune and psychological system. Not bad, is it? Dare to try one of our massages. You will be treating yourself to health! We have a wide range of massages for all tastes and needs, whether you simply want to get and enjoy a passive massage or are interested in an interactive massage wherein you can touch the masseuse’s body. Get in touch and let the staff manager know your wishes so that she can give you the best and a fully personalized advice.


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