The best masseuses for a couple massage

Couple massage in Barcelona

Erotic massages are one of the most common couple activities in the society, and it can even be a therapy in some cases. Through this massage the partners seek complicity, eroticism and connection with each other so as to achieve and discover the intimacy in the relationship at the massage center.

The stimulation, excitements and caresses on the erogenous zones are experiences that nowadays more than one of Felina Massage’s clients are curious to have, and they are seduced by the idea of being in contact with their partner and at the same time cherishing pleasure and eroticism.

In some of our blog articles we have talked about the couple massage, or all types of massages which can be enjoyed with your partner.

Today we won’t be talking about the service, but about the people providing it. Our erotic masseuses are the best in the business, for they know how to move their hands the way clients ask them to, and they provide the eroticism and complicity required by the moment for setting the stage for a couple massage.

Felina’s erotic couple massage and its techniques

Seduction, conquest and eroticism are the connotations that a nice erotic massage provides to the person receiving it. That is why erotic massages are an incentive for arousing lust and wild abandon but in a more intimate and conspiratorial way, one which has been perfectly mastered by the masseuses at our center.

The Felina couple massage is very positive for relaxation, since the new experiences, besides the different techniques used during the massage, make emotional bonds stronger and more resistant.

These extremely sensual caresses can be found in 3 types of techniques, for either teaching to the couple, or for simply enjoying the pleasure provided by the eroticism present in the caresses during a nice massage.

These are the techniques that can be found at Felina Massage for enjoying with your partner:

Tantric Massage

In this massage, the masseuse works with her hands on the entire body of the couple, from head to toe before moving on to the private parts, finishing with a Lingam massage for men and Yoni massage for women. It is a massage meant to be just received, which means that all our clients have to worry about is receiving the pleasure that a tantric massage has on offer.

Body-to-body Massage

The masseuse, or the very partners, performs the massage through body-to-body contact, feeling every nook and corner of the female (or male) body as one wishes to, before ending with a massage on the private parts. The interaction during these touches makes the relationship between the partners stronger.

Sensitive Touch Massage

This is one of the star massages on the Felina Massage menu. The Sensitive Touch Massage is a variation of different massages, for both men and women – from body-to-body massage to manual massages on the private parts.

As it says on our website, every massage can be chosen between a male masseur and a female masseuse, according to the experience you wish for and depending on whether you want one or two masseuse(s).

Felina’s couple masseuses

This article is about the couple massages and our erotic massage professionals who perform fantastic massages for all types of partners.

The choice of the masseuse, the number of masseuses (one or two) and whether one wishes to learn or enjoy are the things to be decided by the couple at Felina Massage.

We would like to talk about the incentive that hiring erotic masseuses have for the women, who, along with their partners, hire their services – either new experiences or breaking the taboos makes the experience an enjoyable one.

We would like to present to you three masseuses who specialize in couple massages:


Monica is one of our specialist erotic couple masseuses. She is from Russia and she is perfectly fluent in four languages. Her green eyes will mesmerize you and her hands will slide on your bodies to provide you with the tantric massage you are worthy of.

See her profile.


This Spanish erotic masseuse knows each and every corner of the male and female bodies. Her specialist hands and caresses do not just make her the darling everyone wants to receive a massage from, but her seductive and youthful curves catch the attention of men and women alike.

Patricia will make her session a moment that will be very hard for you to forget, and she will make all your sensory and sexual senses explode with the tantric and erotic massages she can perform for you.

See her profile.


Energy, seduction and sensuality are the traits that Maya oozes like a nice Caribbean lady. Passion and eroticism run through her veins and she will awaken your most tantric side. With her, the two of you –you and your partner– can choose between a tatami and a bed to enjoy a highly erotic session, and her specialty – the body-to-body massage.

See her profile.

In short, enjoying a nice couple massage is often complicated because neither the massage center nor the professional can be all good.

This is what makes Felina Massage work in the direction of improving the market and, in the process, becoming the best massage center with the most qualified and expert professionals in the sector. It has become the leader in erotic massages and there are many couples already who get in touch with us to enjoy the massages performed by any of our erotic masseuses.

Do you dare to undergo new sensations?

At Felina Massage, the massages are accompanied by all kinds of details like aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax with the Felina guys and girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us to or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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