The best scents for a sensual massage

Scents for a sensual massage

At Felina Massage we know that in order to have an unforgettable sensual massage, we need to pay special attention to the most primitive senses of our body, since all of them activate our emotions, feelings and desires. The body is wise and by offering it the perfect scent, a pleasurable touch and a relaxing environment, we attain a sensual, erotic and fully satisfactory experience that you just cannot miss. Keep reading, for we are telling everything to you!

The perfumes are capable of taking you to a memory, place, or a state of disconnection and relaxation just with the appropriate fragrance. These perfumes can be found in body oils that, besides nourishing and hydrating you, make your body react instinctively to them. At Felina Massage we know how powerful the sense of smell is and the benefits it provides to our body and mind, due to which we care for every detail through the essential oils, candles or incense.


Relaxing, sensual, exciting or aphrodisiac scents… all of them at the right place and time assure you of a delicious and erotic experience.

Essential jasmine oil

Jasmine is of Arab origin and has a seductive and feminine scent that comes from flowers. It must be extracted at night so as to preserve its exquisite, pleasant and persistent perfume. From ancient times aphrodisiac effects have been ascribed to it, since it acts at an emotional, mental and physical level. In aromatherapy, it is regarded as an aroma that boosts and restores sexual energy, thereby favoring our sexual relations. We recommend mixing it with mint or lavender to tone it down and have a warmer scent.

Essential vanilla oil

Vanilla has its origins in Mexico and India, where it was used to create the right climate and have fruitful love relations. Its aroma is sweet and sexy, and its most characteristic feature is the amount of physical energy it provides by awakening the libido and increasing the passion and desire. Its sensual fragrance attracts both men and women, and in aromatherapy, it is considered as an aroma that provides a feeling of inner peace and relaxation by improving the sexual relations. We recommend mixing it with sweet orange to create a contrast and tone down its intense smell.

Essential lavender oil

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean Basin, and stands out in places like France or Spain. It is the most used fragrance in perfumes and oils and its aroma is sweet and delicate. Its main effects on the body are calming and highly relaxing, ideal for a sensual massage, formerly used in the Mayan culture as a sex tonic. In aromatherapy, it is considered as a spiritual support, since its aroma clears mental confusion and makes us feel freer. The lavender oil is recommended for all types of skins, and its regenerating power is rejuvenating. We recommend mixing this scent with damiana due to its herbaceous perfume.

Essential rose oil

The origins of rose, also known as “the queen of flowers”, are not certain, though legends have it that ancient Persia is the birthplace of the rose. It has a sensual and captivating aroma, is known for being aphrodisiac, associated with the goddess of beauty and love, Venus. It is used as an infallible firmer for recovering the skin properties and is a revitalizing and stimulating smell for women. In aromatherapy, it is used to arouse femininity and favor intimate relations. We recommend not mixing it and enjoying its exquisite floral scent.

You can find all these edible oils, and not just arouse the sense of smell, but also the sense of taste in your erotic massage. Mouth-watering aromas that will make this experience a delight for the senses. At Felina Massage we have everything that is needed for you to have a memorable experience. Drop by at our luxurious center and let our erotic masseuses and masseurs take you to paradise.


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