The foot in tantric massage

Foot massage in Barcelona

Did you know that a foot massage relaxes and arouses at the same time? Do you know the points of sexual stimulation that are connected to the genitals? With a foot massage the woman can achieve the orgasm. Is it a myth or a reality? Today we are going to tell you why an erotic massage on the feet can be the best way of starting sexual relations.

Foot massage

According to the studies conducted in the early twentieth century, all the organs and functions of our body are found in the soles of our feet, called the “reflex zones”. Through these energy channels, we send messages to the brain to recover the balance of our body. According to the illustrations found in some of the pharaohs’ pyramids, the foot reflexology is a technique that dates back to the Egyptians.

Besides relaxing and balancing us, the foot massage is a great way of giving and getting pleasure, and the thing is that such massage provides you a better sexual practice, the body is more relaxed and, thus, more receptive to the partner. The best way of being guided by the stimuli is through the feet, and, in this way, arousing the points connected to the erogenous zones.

In order to perform the foot massage, we advise you to use sandalwood oil, which, besides being very moisturizing, helps to care for skin dryness, and is very beneficial when it comes to alleviating tension, ideal for this area of the body.

How to perform a foot massage:

  • Hold your partner’s foot with both hands, in such a way that the thumbs are on the sole of his/her foot and the remaining fingers are on the instep. From the toes to the heel, slide the fingertips with intense movements by increasing the pressure on the heel and the fingertips.
  • Now we focus our attention on the heel with anti-clockwise circular movements by alternating between the right and left thumbs.
  • When the muscles are more relaxed, clench your fist, and without using a lot of knuckle pressure, perform to and fro movements in the arch area of the foot.
  • Fingers are important, due to which you must dedicate a few minutes to every one of them. From their tips to their ends, cover them using the thumb and the ring and middle finger, and end by gently pulling them.
  • Intertwine the fingers of your hand with her toes and perform subtle outward and inward movements without any pressure.
  • Perform circular movements in the Achilles area, exerting a medium pressure towards the knee.

To give a more spicy touch to the session, you can alternate these exercises with a body to body massage, kisses, caresses, and everything you deem appropriate to relax and turn on your partner.

Is it possible to reach the orgasm through the feet?

Yes. The feet have thousands of nerve endings, and with the right techniques, a woman can reach the orgasm. Amazing, isn’t it? Right at the center of the heel, we find the connection with the sex organs, which we activate with an intense pressure. The nerve receiving the reflex in the foot and the vagina enter the spinal cord at the same level, causing confusion in the brain, known as the “foot orgasm syndrome”. We would like to clarify that not all women are ready to reach these orgasms, though they are ready to be carried away by the stimuli throughout their body and the sensuality involved in these practices.

Massage with the feet at Felina Massage

It isn’t just the massages on the feet that are pleasurable. At Felina Massage we recommend to you the massage performed using the feet. Our energies aren’t just passed on with the hands, but by any part of our body. The skin-to-skin contact can go beyond thousands of sensations.

At Felina Massage, we propose to you the Touch massage, which is one of our most demanded massages because of its exquisite session of pleasure and sensuality. The tantric massage techniques are used in this massage, and the massage starts from the feet. Our masseurs fuse their bodies with the client’s body, thereby passing on all their energy, and carry on with a delicate and erotic massage using the feet that covers the whole body of the customer. A passionate experience that you just can’t miss.

After relaxing with a professional masseur or masseuse, a Lingam (men) and Yoni (women) massage ending is performed, which will take you to an intense and delicious orgasm. Dare to give it a try and discover the other ways of enjoying sex. We are waiting for you!


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