The pleasure of seeing how pleasure is given

Voyeurism in Barcelona

For many people it is not easy to understand that one can feel pleasure on seeing, generally secretly, nude people who are about to practice or are practicing an erotic massage or are having sex. This habit is called voyeurism. The term comes from the French word voyeur and contains much of its excitement in the act of hiding for observing; in other words, not being discovered generates an emotion that increases the pleasure produced by what one is seeing. Do you fantasize about seeing your wife enjoy an erotic massage with a masseur? Or do you prefer to see two women giving each other an erotic massage? At Felina Massage we can fulfill all the erotic fantasies you may be having.

Voyeurism in Barcelona for erotic massages

There are many customers who call us to request an erotic massage for their wife or partner with the option of being in the room to catch the sensual scene in action. It is what we would call an onlooker-client. Unlike a voyeur client, this type of client has the woman’s permission to observe the sensual scene, whereas the voyeur generally observes the situation through a lock, the reflection in a mirror or a camera, without the consent of the persons having sex.

The customers requesting to look at erotic massages do not feel driven by an excessive possessiveness towards their wife, but rather by the desire of fulfilling their sexual fantasy, since they get aroused by looking at the masseuse providing their wife with an erotic massage. Partners, generally men, observe the massage from a distance, either from the bathtub or while sitting on a chair, without taking part in the massage session. The excitement of seeing someone please their partner, whether a masseuse or a masseur, is so strong that they often end up jerking off right there or there will even be times when the feeling will be so intense that one may spontaneously reach the orgasm just by the fact of looking.

Enjoying the deluxe massage as an onlooker

Our experts in the erotic massage explain to us that in the deluxe lingam massage, the client often enjoys the erotic massage between masseuses more than the four hands massage they offer. The fact of looking at an erotic masseuse providing another erotic masseuse with a yoni massage arouses him so much that he will end of being satisfied through a four-handed handjob or by masturbating himself, as he wishes. If you wish to look and fulfill your sexual fantasy, we advise you to write to us at and let us know your proposal. We will do everything possible for providing you with a tailor-made erotic massage.

Enjoy the pleasure of seeing how they confer pleasure… And remember that this sexual paraphilia doesn’t have to be confused with a psychological disorder. It does not matter if your wish of being a voyeur has created problems in your daily life, thereby paving the way for deterioration in different spheres of your life, like, for example, work, family, etc. Do not worry too much and enjoy your sexuality without any taboos or complexes.


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