Tips on perfectly decorating an erotic massage room

When it comes to delivering excellent service, one of the most highly valued factors is always location, location, location. And Felina Massage is well aware of exactly what that means. Which is why it provides an impeccable massage center, with rooms decorated to ensure that guests enjoy a fully relaxing experience complete with the perfect dose of sensual and sexual eroticism.

When you choose an erotic massage service, it’s crucial that everything –from the location to the massage professional– comes together to provide you the most outstanding Lingam Deluxe massage or any massage from the catalog at our erotic massage center in Barcelona.

Which is why we’re going to share a series of tips with you in this post, with recommendations to ensure that your experience at Felina Massage is a fully sensory one that brings you to the absolute heights of ecstasy. Keep reading to discover our expert advice on how to change your life.

Choosing a room

Knowing how to set the scene and decorate a room for an erotic massage is something that Felina Massage knows all about. The room should be a quiet space, free of distractions, seeking the harmony and tranquility that any good erotic massages deserve.

When you make an appointment at Felina Massage, it’s important to think about what type of room you need for the type of massage you’ve selected from our extensive list. Which is why the first step should be to think about what your ideal décor would be like, focusing on aspects like room layout and lighting.

Experts say that the best light is natural light. But if the massage center is located in a building with surrounding traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s better to choose an interior room with more privacy to ensure a distraction-free massage.

Decorating a small room

Large, spacious rooms might not always be available; in fact, most massage rooms are generally small. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their advantages.

When it comes to decorating a small room, minimize the décor and don’t overload the space with a lot of decorative elements. Making customers feel comfortable and at ease is crucial for helping them reach an orgasm with an erotic massage, and a crowded room doesn’t create a space for relaxation and enjoyment.

The colors used in the room should be light to provide a feeling of spaciousness and that crucial sense of comfort.

And what about big rooms?

The importance of background noise and scents

Regardless of the size of the rooms, creating ambience with scents and sounds is a must if you want to provide your clients a full-body sensory experience and stimulation so they feel like they can truly slip away into an outstanding Lingam Deluxe massage. Felina Massage enhances a sense of relaxation with scents and sounds that work together with skilled hands that know how to give the best erotic massage, helping clients get the absolute most from their experience.

Which is why the rooms we provide depend on the massage you choose from our catalog, with each room decorated to slowly turn up the passion and enhance our clients’ experience during their erotic massages in Barcelona.


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