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Relaxing massage in Barcelona

Are you thinking about getting a relaxing massage in Barcelona? Do you need to release some stress? At felina Massage we have the solution for you. Do you want to know a little more about different kinds of massages? Keep reading, for we’re telling it all you.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massages are becoming one of our basic daily needs. Conferring the body with well-being and vacating the mind is an excellent therapy with which we can break free of our duties and leave our daily tensions behind. With increasingly sophisticated techniques, the massage style opens to a wide range of possibilities; from the relaxing or therapeutic massage to the variant of the affectionate or erotic massage.

The massages have a lot of effects on our bodies; many of them are very beneficial to the health. We just need to know the different kinds of massages to choose the one that is best for us at all times.

Types of Massages

The first and the most demanded massage we turn to is the relaxing massage. It is the one that frees us from tensions, poor positions and physical fatigue. In this massage the body circulation, muscular spasm and inflammation of fibers is worked on using gentle alternate movements with friction pressures on sources of pain. The areas that are usually worked on in relaxing massages are the back and legs.

These days more and more people think of relaxing massage as a form of leisure. Now we don’t just turn to this massage during our times of need, but it has rather become a hobby for couples, friends or even for us as a treat to ourselves on a day when duties are set aside. According to sociologists, our leisure time is the one that we use to enjoy, motivate ourselves, and freely take part in activities that are enjoyable. Relaxing massage is perfect for enjoying those days off.

The therapeutic massage is used as a part of the injury or disease treatment, taking direct reflexes or actions on the concerned part. It is a massage wherein stretching is used to cure the loss of mobility or muscle loss, among others. This stretching is related to physiotherapeutic massage, despite the fact that the latter is associated with sportspersons. These sessions help to maximize the body performance through specific-purpose exercises, like achieving some personal goals or targets.

The relaxing massage, just like the affective massage, can be focused on specific areas, for instance the feet. It is a massage that we all need at the end of the day to relieve pain or pressure. We all must certainly include affective massages, wherein we share that intimate moment with our partner while getting rid of the accumulated stress, in our daily lives. Besides relaxing ourselves, this massage can be focused on any part of your body. For instance, countless nerve endings are concentrated in the feet. These massages seek to balance the issues of fatigue, performance and insomnia.

Relaxing massage at Felina Massage

We have something more on offer for you at Felina Massage. We bring together the benefits of the massages and add a spicier and more daring touch to it. We can’t just relax your body and mind, but can also activate your senses, thereby letting your imagination, vision, and touches be the main course of a new experience. We can provide you with our four-hands massage wherein two masseuses work on all the muscles of your body. This massage is based on the Ayurveda medicine of Hindu origin, and is ideal for relaxing the whole body. Another one of the options is the Felina Special, which is an interactive massage wherein our stunning erotic masseuses fuse their bodies with that of the client while relishing an exotic moment rich in sensuality. These are just some of the proposals, but the massage catalog at Felina is very broad.

At Felina Massage, all these massages are accompanied by small details, such as candles, perfumes and body oils suitable for every occasion. Let yourself be wrapped up in relaxation and eroticism at a place high in luxury and with extra doses of sensuality. What are you waiting for to book your relaxing massage with a gorgeous erotic masseuse? Call us on +34 675 511 752. or send us an email at, and we will inform you without the need for any commitments on your part.


  • (barcelona) · 9/5/2016
    precio de masaje especial felina? soy chica y quiero a una chica que me lo haga. gracias
    • Buenos días Anabel! gracias por contactar con nosotros. Le informamos de que recibirá un email con toda la información que nos solicita. Un saludo.
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