History about massage

The concept of massage for pleasure is a new fashion, reciente..Antiguamente make an appointment for a massage it was something unusual in our country.

Where does the tradition of massage?

Massage at that time was a privilege that only people resorted when they had a muscle problem or some kind of pathology.

But little by little we have learned massage culture, coming from countries like India, Thailand, China, Bali and Tibet, where massage is considered an ancient and ancient practice.

In Asia the massage is so important and so present in the lives of Asians act and other basic needs of a human being such as sleep eat or breathe.

Children learn all kinds of massage techniques.

It is very common in Thailand for example see the daughters father massaging while this massage to his wife on the porches or even in stores at the end of the day or in the dead hours. A practice that is used as the best alternative hobby

You can imagine sitting and having dinner with your family after dinner on mats stretched all giving and receiving massages to each other? For in Asia itself, since for them the massage is almost like a ritual important part of their lives and that without it they would not feel complete and fulfilled.

So strong is the impact it has had on tourism practice that today can not step through the streets of Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Bali without being packed with a massage center or Tatami in the middle of nowhere. Last year during my learning new techniques of massage in Thailand could count on one street more than 50 posts to give massages: therapeutic, relaxing or sex, there was something for everyone with all sorts of rates and most curious of all is that all were full, there was not one empty or with little traffic gente.En Khao San Road one of the most busy and famous streets of Bangkok can see it is time of day as tourists line up to take a massage.

Today this sector is a major source of significant revenues in this country.

Millions of schools offer all kinds of courses for locals and tourists amateurs or professionals that are able to be traveled halfway around the world just to learn the art of massage from its origins.

And I was one of the afortunada¡ Thanks to Asia could improve my massage techniques, and learn new methods of excitation and relaxation of both mind and body.


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