We widen our menu with the Nuru massage

Nuru couple massage

Nuru massage: new type of massage at Felina Massage

They say you have to improve to prosper and that is why we never stop thinking about what is best for our customers at Felina Massage. Besides committing ourselves to glamour and luxury with respect to both our premises and masseuses, today we would like to tell you that we have also expanded our erotic massage menu. Our goal is to keep developing our clients’ sensations and enhancing their experiences. We want the newcomers to be so satisfied at the time of leaving that they want to come back for repeating the adventure, and the regular clients to have new incentives. That is why we have introduced a new specialty of Japanese origin: the Nuru massage. Do you want to know about this new massage? Keep reading and do not miss any detail.

In this massage, both the giver and receiver must be fully nude. It is a very interactive massage style since the customer can caress the masseuse’s entire body (except for her private parts).

The ritual at Felina Massage starts with a shared shower. The first part of the massage is carried out by massaging the customer’s back side while he is lying down on the tatami. Body with body, the touch of the masseuse’s skin with the client’s back will go on charging the environment with sheer eroticism and sensuality.

In the second part, the client will lie face up and the masseuse will combine the body-to-body massage techniques with the tantric massage. She will touch you not just with her hands but also with her breasts, belly, ass… As you will see, the person receiving the massage will not just receive the massage but will also take an active part throughout the massage process. He will have to do what is asked of him by the masseuse, like changing the position, and he can touch her feminine body with almost no limits. Like the other erotic massages at our massage center, it starts gently to finish on a high with the masseuse. The happy ending is achieved through a Lingam massage (in case of men) or Yoni massage (in case of women).

What makes the Nuru technique special?

The massages are normally performed using warm oils. However, this massage is performed using a gel made up of various natural elements like the Nori seaweed and chamomile. It is possible that its name was derived from this seaweed, though it is also true that the very word “Nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese. Whatever it is, it is perfect not just for massaging but also for nourishing the skin, which will be completely moisturized after a Nuru massage session. Coming back to the gel, it doesn’t get absorbed as quickly as oils, because of which it works very well as a lubricant. Imagine the grand finale in which the masseuse will caress your fully lubricated genitals. Your enjoyment will surely increase manifold.

We are at your disposal in case you have any question regarding this massage or want to know more about the girls. Contact us and inquire about the Nuru massage. We shall be delighted to resolve all your queries.


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