What does a woman needs to be satisfied?

How to satisfy a woman sexually?

Every week many women come to our center of erotic massage in Barcelona looking for a yoni massage, done by both for either masseurs or masseuses.

What are the women looking for, that make different from men?

The woman is searching for intimacy and closeness, to be able to enjoy of the preliminaries and thereby extend the orgasm until the end. The female client that comes to our center enjoys of the caresses that provide the sensual masseur and she increases her arousal little by little when the tantric masseur strokes her erogenous zones.

A diferencia del hombre la mujer puede lubricar sin tener la necesidad de tener sexo después. En cambio el hombre cuando tiene una erección necesita aliviarse mediante sexo o masturbación.

The different between them, is that the woman can lubricate without need have sex after. Instead of the man, when has an erection needs relief having sex or a masturbating.

The woman comes to our center to be sure that nothing will happen living an adventure with an unknown person and also with total discretion. All the women have the fantasy that an attractive unknown person give them pleasure, even an unknown woman, but they want to be sure that they will be sexually satisfied.

In our massage center we make true the women´s fantasies, offering couple massages and erotic massages for women. So if you are a man and want to give something special and reliable to your partner, hits with an erotic massage, if you want you have the option to be present, just watching or participating in the massage. But remember, in every moment she has to be the star.


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