What is a tantric massage?

What is a tantric massage

Tantra has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism, and is designed to relax the body and spirit through the life energy or the invisible energy, known by the gurus as the “Awakening of Kundalini”. It represents a sleeping snake, which awakens through the liberation and unblocking of the chakras to attain fullness. Applied to sex, tantra seeks pleasure through relaxation and senses, attaching greater importance to the process wherein the pleasure that one feels in the touches and body-to-body energies is more important than the stimulation of the sexual organs to attain a quick orgasm.

The tantric massage

The tantric massage or tantric sex refers to the channelization of energies, finding a sexual balance between body, mind and spirit. We could classify it as the most sensual and delicate massage. It is concerned with giving pleasure through massages, positions and exercises, and teaches us to enjoy sex beyond the stimulation of sex organs. This massage is a lot more than an erotic massage, and despite the fact that it does not look for the culmination of sexual activity as its only goal, the arousal it provides and the feelings that run across your body lead to a delightful and lasting orgasm.

Tantric sex is recommended for women who have unsatisfactory sexual relations, have undergone an abortion or have been sexually abused, since it rejuvenates their sex life. Among men, it is recommended for those who cannot control the ejaculation or have problems of impotency or erection. Tantric massage as a therapy destroys physical and mental blocks, proving to be a benchmark in your sex life.

Types of tantric massage: Yoni or Lingam

In tantra the female sex organ is called Yoni, and the male sex organ is known as Lingam. Thus, tantric massages are differentiated on the basis of who receives them.

The tantric massage for women or the tantric Yoni massage is provided through caresses and gentle and delicate movements, arousing the woman’s entire body, avoiding the Yoni at first. It is only when the body is fully relaxed and aroused that the labia majora and the clitoris are gently and slowly stimulated by inserting the hand’s middle finger to access the G-spot. It is possible for the woman to have one or more orgasms during this massage.

The tantric massage for men or the tantric Lingam massage is performed by providing a relaxing massage to the whole body, avoiding the lingam in the first few touches. When the man is relaxed and aroused enough, his testicles, pubic bone and perineum will be massaged. After some gentle movements with variations in intensity, the hand will slide in upward and downward movements, ending in a gentle massage on the head of the lingam. Early ejaculation is avoided, if necessary, by changing the intensity of the movements to attain a prolonged pleasure.

Tantric massage at felina Massage Barcelona

The masseuses/masseurs at felina Massage, men and women with soft hands and stunning bodies, provide you with a tantric massage at the ideal place, made and designed to surround you with aromas and textures. They usually provide such massages in nice and exotic tatamis surrounded by mirrors so that neither the service nor the place go unnoticed.

Our masseuses will work on your entire body with their hands and forearms by using the tantra technique. Once your body and mind are fully relaxed, the erogenous zones of your body will be massaged to arouse you slowly and progressively. The customer can choose whether or not he/she wants to interact by caressing the masseuse or masseur’s stunning body during the tantric massage. Among both men and women, the sense of sight plays a fundamental role in this game, since every game or caress involves subtlety and sensuality. Oils and lubricants add a touch of the gentleness and exquisiteness needed for making this date a memorable one.


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