What is sexting?

Sexting definition

Have you practiced “sexting”? Do we know how technology is changing our private lives? This practice is witnessing a considerable increase, and derives its name from the sending of erotic or sexual content through mobile phones. Today we want to talk to you about the pros and cons of this new and naughty medium of arousal. Don’t miss it!

Increasingly well-known, the term “sexting” comes from sex and texting. Latest studies have found that 2 out of every 5 people have practiced it at some point in their lives. This piece of information makes us think that the exchange of sexual content is very common than what the society is willing to accept. The said erotic content is generated by the sender himself in sexual attitudes by nude photos or sound recordings, or videos, normally meant for the sexual partner or lover.

Trust with the other person is vital in order to enjoy sexting. The best way of having it is by making it clear that such content is meant only for his/her enjoyment, and that he/she must not resend or make undue use thereof under any circumstances.

Pros of sexting

We find a lot of benefits of this experience between adult and free couples, positively influencing our sexual behaviors, and the fact is that, through sexting, we arouse our intimate desires and improve our self-respect, thereby increasing our desires to have sex.

The stable couples trigger the passion with erotic photographs and audacious messages, thus improving the intimate relations and rekindling their sexual relations. Who doesn’t like to receive an erotic photo of his partner, in which she shows what she has in store for you when you get back home? It is a nice way of making the most of sexual anticipation, wherein our imagination plays a very important role.

In new or sporadic relationships, the sexual tension and eagerness to please each other are incentivized by this practice, which drive both men and women crazy. Sexting in casual relationships is also increasing, and it is because arousing and being aroused can awaken some irremediable desires to want to see that person again as soon as possible. The trust and level of intimacy achieved with that person doesn’t just cover the subject of sex.

Cons of sexting

In the last few years, taking provocative selfies and sending them to people we trust has become dangerously common among teenagers, who are quite accustomed to social media and ephemeral messaging, in which you are assured that the content will be destroyed after a few days. It is obvious that both teenagers and adults expose themselves to sending such private content, though what is really disturbing is the fact that 6% of youngsters aged 10 to 16 years have either received or sent erotic photos. At those ages it is hard to evaluate the risks you expose yourself to if this erotic content is to end up on the social media, which is after all public domain. The matter has become worrisome, and when we talk about minors, these problems, along with legal issues, have gone up, thereby promoting sexual cyber-bullying.

It is advisable to take precautions for sexting, controlling the sending and receiving of such sexual content with apps designed for the same. These applications enable you to encrypt the content, disable the screenshot, or put an expiration date to the images.


  • (americana) · 1/9/2016
    Me gusta mucho la idea, esta buena es una forma creativa de mantener la relación sexual en las parejas y lograr aventuras nuevas, es fundamental la puesta en escena y una gran actuación para una actividad sexual diferentes y continua... besitos danus....
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