Women need erotic massages

Erotic massages for women

The average number of times a woman has sex a week is 1.3, and according to a statistical study it is not enough for her. However, we cannot disregard the fact that women don’t need the proper number of orgasms but rather one quiet, strong and memorable one.

According to the sexology expert Enrique de la Rosa, the sexual rhythms of a woman are calmer than those of men, who get visually turned on. In comparison, women need to have a quiet environment, without any distractions, less light, and a lot of caresses… that is, they need a Felina massage. Our erotic masseuses for women offer a growing excitement, focusing only on the woman’s pleasure and working the woman’s body right from the least erogenous zones to the most erogenous ones, ending with a massage on the female genitalia, which is known as a Yoni Massage. With these erotic massages for women, the women will increase their sexual appetite, since it will satisfy their sexuality to the fullest, thereby avoiding the dreaded continuous but rather inconsistent flings.

There really aren’t figures that confirm how long and how often a woman needs to satisfy her sexuality. However, with the erotic massages for women they discover that they have a sexual need that is greater than what they believed. We cannot forget that the arousal of a woman is a lot quieter but more prolonged and intense than that of a man. This confirmation is not just a simple statistical research but it has been biologically shown that the threshold of arousal in a woman is a lot higher than that in a man, but, on the other hand, the arousal curve is much more prolonged and while the arousal curve among men falls steeply after the orgasm has been reached, the one of a woman remains high and can have more than one orgasm provided that it is worked on well.

So, whether you are a woman and need some ‘pampering’ or an open-minded man wanting to provide your woman with a moment of pleasure with the help of some expert hands, you will find everything you need at Felina Massage, massages for women tailored to your needs.

Finally, remember that there is also the option of erotic massages for women by women. For more information get in touch with us through our contact form or by giving us a call on +34 675 511 752 / +34 934 915 035.


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