Women’s most chosen massages

Erotic massages for women

There are more and more women who dare to get erotic massages so as to experience, with a partner or alone, the new sensory and sensual experiences offered by such treatments.

As we mentioned in the post dedicated to men’s most chosen massages at Felina Massage, the tastes of men and women at our brothel are very different but yet very similar to each other. Everyone looks to satisfy their different sensory and erotic needs, but there are some very similar cases.

In case of women, we can say that our male erotic masseurs stamp their class, though there is more than one woman who, out of mere curiosity or the pleasure of feeling the touch of the same sex and deriving pleasure from it, dares to have another woman run her hands across her curves.

We are now going to present the favorite massages of the girls coming to Felina Massage. If you are interested, all you have to do is keep reading… let’s get started!

Erotic couple massage at Felina Massage

Rediscovering new erogenous zones of your partner, breaking away from the routine or simply enjoying the eroticism are reasons enough for a couple to come over to Felina Massage for getting a feel of caresses, fondles and touches that you cannot feel at any other place with the couple massage.

This massage can be performed with one or two masseuses or masseurs, depending on the goal of the couple treatment.

In the option of hiring two of our professionals, each partner will enjoy an erotic massage provided by the masseuse while relishing the sight of his/her partner reaching the orgasm with another person through the eroticism contained in the caresses.

On the other hand, the masseuses can teach and you can learn how to perform an erotic massage wherein the two partners can enjoy, either in the tantric or erotic sense, some nice touches and know the erogenous zones that are sensitive to a simple, sensual and provocative touch, so as to know how to take your partner to complete orgasms using the hands (or body parts).

What say?

Special massage for women

This is one of the most demanded massages by our female clientele, since it opens many sexual paths and sensations for women to discover themselves and know what they really like about eroticism.

The special massage for women can be hired in two ways depending on the girl’s tastes or prejudices.

One of them is performed by an erotic masseur, who will perform a sensual massage with his strong and robust hands, thereby slowly winning over the woman like an attractive and protective guy should. The massage performed by the masseuse will be reflected in the inside of his underwear, which in turn will stimulate the woman’s private parts.

On the other hand, there is the mode in which another woman provides the massage. This kind of massage is often hired out of the curiosity to know another woman while she caresses and stimulates the customer, leading her to an even more exciting feeling because of being a woman.

Arousing, isn’t it?

Sensitive Touch Massage

Charged with a high dose of eroticism and sensuality, the Sensitive Touch Massage was previously known as the Felina Special. It is another one of our massage center’s star massages, since the luxury, exoticism and relaxation it has on offer takes more than one of our clients to another level of senses and attitude, one in which they enjoy a lot more.

This erotic massage can be performed alone or with your partner, besides being complemented by other services like the bathtub or bedroom suite.

The long movements and softness of the contact with the skin are the features of the Sensitive Touch Massage. Starting from the legs and continuing with the contact between the whole bodies of the masseuse/masseur and the female client makes the excitement go up with every passing second and create a very sexual atmosphere until a complete and long, nay very long and intense orgasm has been reached.

New Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage is one of the new services offered at Felina Massage. This is a high-voltage massage, or rather a highly erotic massage. Why is it so?

Having a Japanese origin and the tatami serving as the environment for the erotic massage, the Nuru focuses on working on our female client’s body using the Nuru gel, which has a high viscosity and moisture besides natural components and allows greater lubrication, and the best thing… it is quite long-lasting.

This massage involves caressing and initially focusing on the girl’s back side, before going on to perform a body-to-body massage later on, though not without taking away any credit from the amazing gel that will end up arousing the woman to the point where she herself decides to contain the pleasure and hold back the orgasm caused by the yoni massage performed by the massage professional for as long as she wants to.

These are some of the most popular massages among our customers at Felina Massage, but just like we said in the post about the favorite male massages, the private parts of the erotic masseuses and masseurs are excluded from any kind of touch, not to mention the fact that you can hire the double orgasm service at Felina BCN if you wish to enjoy a nice sex session after the massage.

The massages at Felina Massage are accompanied by all types of details like aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax in the company of the Felina guys and girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us to info@felinamassage.com or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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