Yoni massage and female pleasure

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Satisfy the today´s woman it is not an easy task for some, and when its refer to the pleasure can become an odyssey. For this reason this week, we want to focus on the female pleasure, as has published a recent study carried out by The Rutgers University´s researchers in the EEUU, that have identified for the first time the cerebral zones that are activated when is carried out a yoni massage, it means when it be stimulated the clitoris, vagina and the uterine neck, creating a map of the direct sources of the female sexual pleasure.

The research demonstrated that when a massage is receiving in the female erogenous parts, yoni massage, are activated three deferents zones of the sensory cortex of the brain; and these zones are group together in the same sensory cortex, the same way occurs when is stimulated the male genitals through the lingam massage, activating the zone of this region.

One of the results most surprising was the self-stimulation of the nipples, that not only activate the region of the sensory cortex, also activate the same areas that when is done a massage in the genitals, understanding why many women can reach an orgasm just receiving caresses in the breasts. Demonstrating with this, that every female zones, activate one specific part of the brain, and therefore they are direct sources of pleasure.

Also it has been found that in the process that take to the female orgasm are involved until 30 different zones of the brain, awake the areas that are related with the touch, memory, pleasure and pain. Ruling out the theory that the only source of the pleasure in women is in the clitoris, and the enjoyment is less if the vagina or cervix is stimulated.

In conclusion, we can say that the women need different physical and emotional stimulus to reach the orgasm. The female arousal spreads like domino effect. For this reason the erotic massage for women is the best incentive for the woman reach orgasm, the contact with the body of the masseuse or masseur over the woman´s body provoke a gradually increase the pleasure that finish in one or more orgasm thanks to the ending with the yoni massage.

We invite you to experience through any of our body to body massages for women, in which you can choose if you want to do it with one of our attractive masseurs, or why not with one of our gorgeous masseuses, the important thing is enjoy and discover new sensations.


  • (Paris) · 7/12/2015
    Le massage Yoni! un nom à retenir pour toutes les femmes cherchant le nirvana si je ne m'abuse :) je suis preneuse!
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