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Lingam and/or Yoni Massage

Lingam and/or Yoni Massage

Eroticize yourself with Lingam and Yoni massages

Whenever we explain to our clients that all our erotic massages include the lingam massage (for men) or yoni massage (for women), their faces are covered with a question mark. They do not know for sure what it is or why it is called that way when we could just call it a “happy ending”, which is the colloquially used phrase.

To clarify certain doubts that may come up, we will start by familiarizing ourselves with the origin of the said words. Their names come from the ancient language Sanskrit in which Lingam is the male sex organ, which in a somewhat mystic connotation means “Wand of Light” and the female sex organ, or Yoni, means the “Sacred Temple”. Basically, it is a massage performed in the genital area and its purpose is to sexually arouse (which is known as “awakening the energy”), wherein our body is considered as something sacred, like a temple, an expression of divinity, all of it in an intimate environment that is suitable for starting a ritual of two people, an introspection of our being. The sexual chakra is located in the genital area. According to the Tantra, this chakra symbolizes the union between mind, spirit and body, due to which this technique is used to exploit the fullness thereof.

What do the Lingam and Yoni massages consist of?

The Lingam massage aims to relax the man and take him to the contact with his most sensitive side. The tantric massage on the vagina or Yoni contributes to the female relaxation, whereby it could also be very stimulating for the man if it is performed in couple by witnessing how the woman’s senses keep on awakening. You will feel the connection between the personal growth of the enjoyer and her sexual pleasure.

The main purpose of the Lingam and Yoni massages is exploring a new form of pleasure. These massages will give the chance to experience a new state of individual pleasure by exploring new spheres of intimacy and ecstasy for both the giver and taker. Let the masseuse or masseur consciously arouse you to a myriad of emotions through gentle touches and a high degree of eroticism: well-being, relaxation, lust, sensuality, passion and euphoria. This moment will most probably end in an explosive orgasm, which is different but yet extremely enjoyable, thanks to our Lingam or Yoni massage professional.

If you are interested in the Lingam massage and want to give it a try, all you have to do is pay us a visit at Felina Massage. The massages at our center are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. Enjoy and experience the feeling of being able to touch the “sky”. In case you have any query, you can contact us at the email address info@felinamassage.com or on the phone number +34 675 511 752. Do you want to find out how the masseuses perform the Lingam and Yoni massages? You can know our girls and guys by following this link.


  • (salou) · a year ago
    Hola me gustaria saber informacion para un masaje en pareja yoni . Precios e informacion de reserva. Garcias
    • Hola Leticia, gracias por contactar con nosotros. En breves recibirás un correo privado con todos los detalles. Os recomendamos que para cualquier duda que tengáis, os pongáis en contacto directamente a través de mail a info@felinamassage.com o llamando al 675 511 752. Estaremos encantados de atenderos. Un saludo.

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