Yuri: Expert in mutual massage in Barcelona

Expert in mutual massage in Barcelona

Today we want to talk to you about Yuri, one of our erotic masseuses who is an expert in relaxing and sensitive massages. Yuri, besides providing all the massages from felina Massage’s menu, is an expert in the mutual massage, a massage wherein both the customer and the masseuse interact with each other. We don’t want you to miss the chance of discovering the pleasure of touching and being touched by this gorgeous woman in an atmosphere charged with relaxation, pleasure and eroticism.

Yuri is a passionate and very attractive 27-year-old Venezuelan masseuse. With her big, black eyes and doll-like face, she manages to entangle the client in her charm, and her stunning curves and natural breasts make her company a delightful one. During the entire massage, she will be fully nude to arouse, please and seduce you. Her expert hands and soft and smooth skin will make this erotic massage an unforgettable date.

We have customers, both men and women, who come to felina Massage to enjoy the mutual massage and undergo a unique erotic experience, and others, who, besides experiencing it, want to learn to give an expert massage and put it into practice in their personal lives. In the mutual massage, Yuri teaches you to touch a woman’s body, to perceive the reactions that are caused therein by each movement, and to caress every inch of her body, thereby arousing and pleasing her.

How does Yuri provide the mutual massage in Barcelona?

Before the mutual massage, the two of you will become one during an erotic shower, where you will start feeling comfortable with each other and relaxing the body to enjoy the massage in its entire splendor. The rooms are designed and readied to activate your senses. Faint lights, scents, and beautiful tatamis surrounded by mirrors so that you don’t miss a single movement of your body.

Yuri will start the mutual massage by massaging the client’s body with her hands, forearms and boobs through delicate movements and sensual games. The touch of Yuri’s beautiful body will equally relax and arouse you, thereby attaining a matchless level of eroticism. Her hand will accompany the client’s hand to her most private parts so as to guide him in his movements and caresses. In turn, Yuri will caress the customer’s private parts till he reaches a pleasurable orgasm, thus making this mutual massage an explosion of eroticism.

This mutual massage will rejuvenate your intimate experiences, thereby awakening your sexual desire by activating the sex hormones responsible for arousal and orgasm. You will be physically and emotionally relaxed.

It is not possible to have sexual relations with the masseuses/masseurs. If the customer wants a sort of sexual ending, oral sex or anal sex, he/she must hire the extra double orgasm service with a beautiful escort of felina Barcelona.

If you want to know more about Yuri and her mutual massage in Barcelona, check out her profile here.


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