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Body to Body massages Barcelona

What is body to body massage?

The body to body massage is one of the most demanded and well-known erotic massages at Felina Massage. The name refers to the body contact between the body of the masseuse or masseur with that of the client. It is a very sensual and erotic massage in which contact and proximity of the moment is increased, certainly a flood for the senses that will awaken all the eroticism of the session.

The body-to-body massage is characterized by some deep and slow movements, combined with gentle and sensual caresses to help us relax. It is an interactive erotic massage wherein one may caress the masseuse or masseur who will only be dressed in fine lingerie or underwear.

It is the most widespread version of the renowned “body to body” erotic massage, but with a touch of Felina Massage, making it a tantric ritual in which beauty, eroticism and peace hold your hand and take you to pleasure. An ocean of feelings, ideal for relaxing away from the exhausting routine life.

Masseuses for Body to Body Massage

Delicate catalan beauty
Sensuous Latin masseuse
Sensuous Latin masseuse
Beautiful Latin masseuse
Young Latin erotic masseuse
Young Latin masseuse
Sexy Venezuelan masseuse
Sensual Spanish bisexual masseur
Young Latin gay masseur
Young Spanish masseur
European male masseur
Statuesque Catalan masseur

How is the body to body massage provided?

In the erotic body to body massage of Felina Massage Barcelona, the intense muscular massage technique is combined with gentle touches provided by the erotic masseuse’s entire body, thereby kick-starting a dance for the five senses. Every part of the client’s body is stroked with the hands and the masseuse’s whole body (forearms, breast, feet and hips). The erotic masseuse will start by performing the massage with her hands, previously soaked in hot oil, on the client’s feet and will continue with her hands and include the forearms while going up from the feet to the back, where her gentle nude boobs will slide sensually. The massage continues on the front side with a lot of gentleness so as to intersperse the body-to-body massage with a Lingam massage for men and Yoni massage for women, which will slowly bring out an intense and pleasurable orgasm for a long time.

In this interactive erotic massage the client may caress the entire body of the masseuse except for her private parts. In no case shall the masseuse provide with a sex session in this service. The ending will always be manual. If one wants to follow up the experience with a sex session, one may hire the Double Orgasm service with an escort of Felina Barcelona.

The body-to-body massage is usually performed on a tatami. For this reason, ‘Eroticism’ and ‘Elegance’ rooms, rooms surrounded by mirrors in which the client can observe the sensual movements performed by the masseuse on his body, are generally used. A dance worthy of admiration.

The body-to-body massage is a massage for couples. It is ideal for innovating and having a moment of eroticism that will give a unique touch of intimacy to the relationship. There are many couples that go for this type of massage to experience and relax together, either with a masseuse or with an erotic masseur for her and an erotic masseuse for him. Something different to awaken with.

Choosing the body-to-body massage of Felina Massage in Barcelona is the first step to get into the paths of the most luxurious eroticism.

It is possible to drop by at our center without a prior booking. You can come over to know us in person without any sort of commitments. However, if you have any query about our menu or wish to make a reservation, you can get in touch with us through our contact form or by calling on +34 675 511 752 or +34 934 915 035. We shall be delighted to help you.


Complete Individual 60 min
150 €
Couples with masseuse 60 min 200 €
Couples with 2 masseuses
60 min 300 €

Extra services

Double Orgasm 30 min 95 €
Relaxing Bath 15 min
20 €
Erotic Shower 15 min 30 €

  • Dan · a year ago
    Une première expérience intéressante avec Nicole. Beaucoup de douceur et de patience en fin de massage... ;) Juste peut-être travailler davantage l'aspect énergétique du...

  • Jose · 2 years ago
    Que buena que eres Alma..... Tus masajes son fantásticos, estando en tus manos, no me importaría para nada, quedarme todo el tiempo del mundo, se nota que eres una muy buena pr...

  • Maria (barcelona) · 10 months ago
    Después de pensármelo mucho he decidido darme un capricho, no sin muchas dudas antes. La experiencia fabulosa pero no creo que hubiera sido así de no haber caído en manos de Jo...
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