Erotic fusion massage

Erotic Fusion Massage at Felina Massage

We present to you the most sensuous massage on our menu, a highly stimulating erotic massage that leaves little room for imagination. Our professional masseuses have come up with the erotic fusion massage as a response to all the clients' demands. It is an explosion of relaxation and pleasure that will come together to become the customers' highest expression of pleasure.

It is a variant of several massages on our menu, but with a different touch to it, which makes it a tantric ritual wherein beauty, eroticism and tranquility go hand in hand toward pleasure. A sea of sensations, which is ideal to distance yourself from your daily routine and embark on a journey to deep relaxation. It's time to discover this erotic massage.

Masseuses for Erotic fusion massage

Sensuous Latin masseuse
Spanish erotic masseuse
Spectacular Spanish erotic masseuse
Young Latin masseuse
Sexy Venezuelan masseuse
Sensuous Spanish masseuse
Beautiful Swedish erotic masseuse
Beautiful Latin masseuse
Delicate catalan beauty
Stunning Spanish erotic masseuse in Barcelona

Massage technique

The masseuse shall commence with a sensuous head massage that will arouse the most sensitive points with the help of external stimulators, which shall be followed by a body-to-body massage using the breasts and the forearms, wherein the entire back, including the lower back, and the legs will be worked on. It will be followed by symmetric lomi lomi movements throughout the body, paying special attention to the hips, and the area's most sensitive points.

After turning around, the client will be in a position to get a better view of the masseuse's body. The arousal shall reach its peak. At this point, the masseuse shall combine the foot massage with the mutual massage and the genital massage using her breasts.

Erotic foot massage

In the foot massage, all the fingers will be worked on, and the body part bearing the daily burden will be relaxed. In addition to relaxing us and providing us with a balance, the foot massage is a great way of giving and getting pleasure, and this sensuous massage provides you with a better sex session as the body is more relaxed and, therefore, more receptive to the partner. The best pay of letting yourself be driven by the stimuli is through the feet, and, thus, arousing the points connected to the erogenous areas.

Mutual erotic massage

The mutual massage will teach the customer to caress a woman's body gently and excitedly. It is a massage created to arouse, please and seduce; a mouthwatering moment to relish every inch of a beautiful masseuse's body. It is a perfect way of having an intimate and enjoyable experience, and a perfect way of learning new techniques of seduction and of how to touch a woman.

Erotic massage using the breasts

And we shall end the session with a genital massage using the breasts. It is a delicate and exciting version of the 'Cuban sex', which will make the biggest massage experts lose control. A Cuban is a sexual practice whose name varies according to the area or country. In Spain, a Cuban refers to the act wherein a woman uses her breasts to masturbate a man's penis. On the Canary Islands, for instance, this practice is known as the 'boob job'.


At Felina Massage, we have luxurious suites with a different decor in each one of the rooms, which have been designed to awaken your most sensual side during your stay. Our center's hygiene is impeccable. Let your senses intensify with the candles, incense and relaxing music during all the erotic massages.


At our center, it is possible to pay us a visit without a prior reservation. You can drop by to see us in person without any commitments whatsoever. However, if you have some doubt or wish to make a reservation, you can get in touch with us through our contact form or by giving us a call on +34 675 511 752 / +34 934 915 035. We shall be delighted to be service to you.


Individual 45 min 220 €
For couples Not available

Add-on service

Double orgasm 30 min 95 €
Relaxing shower 15 min
20 €
Erotic shower 15 min 30 €

  • Lurdes · 4 years ago
    Hace unos días estuve en Felina y me hice mi primer masaje con Cristian: fue una experiencia excepcional. Cristian hizo que los nervios se fueran y pudiera disfrutar del masaje co...

  • Pere · 6 months ago
    Sin duda, a sido un lujo, ir a hacerme el masaje con Anna, una chica muy guapa, y una gran persona, he quedado muy contento de haber ido con ella a hacerme el masaje, es una gran p...

  • Marta · 3 years ago
    Después de pensar mucho tiempo sobre hacerme un masaje de este tipo, decidí hacerlo con Cristian y mi elección y decisión fue una de las mejores cosas que he hecho en mi vida ...
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