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Erotic massage for women in Barcelona

The erotic massage is the most publicly recognized fantasy out of all the sexual fantasies of women. It is an open secret. When a woman fantasizes about receiving a sensual ritual, what she is looking for is to immerse herself in an atmosphere of eroticism to experience the pleasure of touch of some soft and strong hands with all the senses. Perhaps she wants to awaken new emotions.

The experience of an erotic massage for women provided by a professional will substantially change if it is compared with the massage provided by your partner or some amateur acquaintance. Going to a professional is certainly an assurance of quality.

Masseuses for Massages for women

Spanish erotic masseuse
Young Latin masseuse
Beautiful Latin masseuse
Delicate catalan beauty
Sexy Venezuelan masseuse
Sensuous Latin masseuse
Sensuous Latin masseuse
Sensuous Spanish masseuse
Caribbean erotic masseuse for the mutual massage
Young Spanish masseur heterosexual
European male masseur heterosexual
Sensual Spanish bisexual masseur
Statuesque Catalan and heterosexual masseur

How are the erotic massages for women?

The masseurs and masseuses at Felina Massage are all very attractive professionals and experts. Any of them will be ideal for caressing a woman’s entire body and making the experience an unforgettable one for her. However, which one should you go for? The first premise is to forget about the sexual inclination of the woman who is going to receive the treatment. The experience shall be equally enjoyable despite the fact that there will obviously be some subtle differences.

Experience with a male masseur

The strong male hands of our masseurs will awaken her seductive instinct. She will feel flattered and slowly conquered. The attraction of both the sexes will become evident in his underwear, and she will be free to reach the most absolute pleasure from the hands of the attractive gentleman.

Experience with a female masseuse

The sexual preferences here just work as a prejudice. Choosing a female masseuse involves a greater empathy and sensitivity with the female body and two of the softest and most delicate hands. She will know how to take you to ecstasy with her two aspects: her professionalism and her femininity.

What erotic massage for women should I choose?

Both the options are fully valid and the experiences will be considerably different, though they will undoubtedly be satisfactory and pleasurable. In both cases, the sensuality is experienced with the five senses and a lot of attention is paid to the details. Our masseuses and masseurs know that the rhythm of excitement in women is slower but more intense than in men.

Let the receptionist orient and advise you according to your needs. The sensual massages for women in Barcelona at Felina Massage are Tantric, Body to Body, Sensitive “Touch”, Mutual and Four Hands. The difference lies in the technique, degree of interaction with the masseuse or masseur and the extent of nudity. The Sensitive “Touch” and Mutual Massage are the most interactive massages on our menu. In both of them, the masseur or masseuse will be fully nude and the girl may caress his/her entire body.

Whatever your final choice is, we want Felina Massage to be a part of the sexual opening-up of women. Acknowledging and admitting their sexual fantasies will make them more confident. Here we will help you to set aside those taboos and prejudices, and will show you the path to relaxation and pleasure. And who knows, maybe you can try it out with some guys and girls… and reach your own conclusions.

How to reserve your female erotic experience?

It is possible to drop by at our center without a prior booking. You can come over to know us in person without any sort of commitments. However, if you have any query about our menu or wish to make a reservation, you can get in touch with us through our contact form, by sending an email at or by calling on +34 675 511 752 or +34 934 915 035. We shall be delighted to help you.


Tantra 45 min 110 €
Body to Body
60 min 150 €
60 min
180 €
Mutual 60 min 250 €
4 Hands 60 min 300 €

Extra services

Double orgasm 30 min 105 €
Relaxing Bath 15 min
20 €
Erotic Shower 15 min 30 €

  • Peter · 2 years ago
    I've been thinking about trying erotic massage, and finally decided to visit Felina Massage last Tuesday. First of all - kudos to the receptionist. She made me feel very wel...

  • Félix (Barcelona) · a year ago
    Hola buenas, Un placer haberos conocido. Mi cita el miércoles por la mañana con Tatiana fue una pasada. Un encanto, muy guapa y muy profesional. Repetiré con vosotros. Muy bu...

  • Christophe (Paris) · 2 months ago
    Première expérience chez Felina, avec Anna. Autant le dire, cela a été top, avec une douche partagée au début... qui permet d'être bien plus réceptif pour les massages...

Descubre los Massages for women

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Tantra massage
From 110€
Touch Massage of Felina
Touch Massage
From 180€
Mutual erotic massages in Barcelona
Mutual Massage
From 250€
4 Hands Massage Barcelona
4 Hands Massage
From 300€
Erotic massages for couples
Couples massages
From 180€
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