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The world of erotic massages encompasses a whole gamut of different massages that vary in terms of degree of interaction with the masseuse and the techniques used. One of the most interactive and exciting massages is the Nuru massage. Whether you are looking to get started in the world of erotic massages or wish to try a new kind of massage, with the Nuru massage you will be able to enjoy an irresistible experience that radiates eroticism and sensuality, a sinuous dance that invites you to be carried away by the expert hands of our erotic masseuses.

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The Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage that falls in the body-to-body massage category. Originally from Japan, the peculiarity of this massage lies in the type of oil that is used. Unlike other erotic massages, instead of using hot oil, the Nuru gel is used in this type of tantric massage. This gel is made up of natural extracts like the Nori seaweed and chamomile. Besides being harmless to the skin, this gel is highly moisturizing and totally odorless. The Nuru gel has a slippery texture, which is needed for practicing the Nuru massage technique.

As for the origin of the name of this massage, it is believed to have been derived from the Japanese word “Nuru”, which means slippery. However, it is also very possible for it to have originated from Nori, the seaweed used for making the gel. Regardless of its origin, both perfectly represent the essence of this sensual massage.


The Nuru massage is one of the most interactive massages on our massage menu. Both the masseuse and client must be completely nude for performing the erotic Nuru massage. The masseuse will use her entire body for massaging the client’s body, and the client may caress the masseuse’s whole body except for her private parts.

At Felina Massage, we recommend our customers to start the Nuru massage with an erotic shower with the masseuse. The water temperature and masseuse’s nude body will create an atmosphere full of eroticism and sensuality that will invite the customer to immerse himself in a world of feelings.

The Nuru massage technique is based on the act of the masseuse sliding her body on top of the client’s body. To start the massage, the masseuse will start by working on the back side of the client’s body. She will then impregnate her body with the Nuru gel and start an exciting and slippery body-to-body massage. The customer must lie face up in the second part of this erotic massage. The masseuse will combine the tantric massage technique with the sensual movements of the body-to-body massage. The friction of your bodies and the touches of our erotic masseuses will expose your senses.

As is the case with all the massages at Felina Massage, the masseuse will finish this enjoyable experience with a flourish with a Lingam massage for men, or a Yoni massage for women. It is worth mentioning that the Nuru gel is an excellent lubricant. Because its absorption is not as fast as that of other lubricants, the touches on the genitals can last for as long as the client wants them to.


At Felina Massage we strive to make sure that our customers enjoy a complete and satisfactory experience, which is why we adapt our rooms according to every erotic massage. In case of the Nuru massage, as well as all the other massages on our menu, the lighting, music and aromas play a very important role in creating the ideal environment for this massage.

Similarly, the Nuru Massage at Felina Massage is usually provided in the “Eroticism” and “Elegance” suites since these suites have a tatami. It will be covered with a protector that will make the experience even more “slippery”. Besides having a tatami, both rooms are exquisitely decorated. You will come across numerous mirrors on their walls that will enable you to look at the masseuse’s sensual movements from various angles. It is a space that has been looked after to the detail so that you can enter into a world of sensations of the Nuru massage in Barcelona.


It is possible to drop by at our center without a prior booking. You can come over to know us in person without any sort of commitments. However, if you have any query about our menu or wish to make a reservation, you can get in touch with us through our contact form, by sending an email at or by calling on +34 675 511 752 or +34 934 915 035. We shall be delighted to help you.

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Masseuses for Nuru massage at Felina

The Nuru massage is one of the most ancient and age-old massages practiced in Japan. This country is the heart of the most therapeutic and pleasurable caresses for human beings.

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