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Sensual massage at Felina Massage

A sensual massage can be a wonderful experience for both the person providing it and the person receiving it. Massaging means touching, and touching means communicating. During a sensual massage a communication channel is established between the two persons, getting an intimate and trusted place to relax and break away from the exhausting routine. It is usually a way in which two partners strike a chord with each other, have more complicity and create a stronger bond of sexual relationships. An experience full of sensuality and eroticism that is accessible to everyone.

There are many doubts whenever one thinks of a sensual massage: How is it done? What are the steps to follow? Is it only for women? What are the techniques? Choosing a professional masseuse for the sensual massage ensures an experience rich in sensuality and eroticism for a massage without any worries or hassles.

Masseuses for Sensual massage

Sexy Venezuelan masseuse
Beautiful Latin masseuse
Delicate catalan beauty
Gorgeous Catalan masseuse
Sweet Costa Rican masseuse
Young Latin masseuse
Sweet Spanish masseuse
Attractive Spanish masseuse
Stunning Latin masseuse
European male masseur
Young Spanish masseur
Sensual Spanish bisexual masseur

What is sensual massage?

There are many ways of understanding a sensual massage. At felina Massage, a sensual massage is an erotic massage full of caresses, complicity and pleasure wherein sexual desire will slowly increase until it overflows as an intense and pleasurable orgasm. It is an interactive massage wherein one can caress the masseuse or masseur’s body, thereby increasing the excitement of being caressed and caressing a beautiful body.

Our sensual massage is a 45-minutes variant of body-to-body massage with a high dose of eroticism. In this sensual massage caresses on the erogenous zones acquire a special role. At no time do they include sexual relationships with a real penetration, for which one may hire the Double orgasm or the Deluxe Lingam massage service.

How is sensual massage given in Felina Massage?

Unlike other erotic massages, the sensual massage professional will first work on the front side of the customer: feet, insteps, chest and collarbone, and subsequently the back side: back, hips, lower back and neck. It is a full body massage wherein the masseuse will touch all the erogenous zones of the client through slow but intense sensual movements with her nude body. Being an interactive massage, the client may gently caress the masseuse’s body, who will only be dressed in erotic lingerie.

When eroticism and sexual tension reach their limit, the sensual massage will continue towards the most erogenous and private zones of the client and will end with a Lingam ending for men or Yoni ending for women. If the client prefers any particular erogenous zone, he or she should let the masseuse or masseur know in advance so that she or he may pay more attention to the area that is to be worked on.

Where is the sensual massage performed?

At felina Massage we have luxurious suites with a décor that is designed to awaken the most sensual side of the room and a spotless hygiene. Candles, incense and soothing music during the sensual massage. Although it can be performed in any of the rooms, the Elegance or Eroticism suites with tatami, where the masseuse will have more stability to sensually slide her body on the client's body are recommended.

How to reserve your erotic experience?

It is possible to drop by at our center without a prior booking. You can come over to know us in person without any sort of commitments. However, if you have any query about our menu or wish to make a reservation, you can get in touch with us through our contact form, by sending an email at or by calling on +34 675 511 752 or +34 934 915 035. We shall be delighted to help you.

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